04/28/2017 11:52 PM
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    Make sure you've always got the quickest access to Morgantown's best online resource... make your Home Page!

    It's easy to do! Just follow the simple steps below to set your web browser’s home page.

    If you are not sure which version of Netscape Navigator/Communicator you have, click the Help menu item, then About Navigator (or Communicator).

    Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4+

    1. Open the home page.
    2. Click the Edit menu item, then Preferences.
    3. In the Category section, click Navigator.
    4. In the Navigator starts with section, click on Home page.
    5. In the Home page section, click the Use Current Page button.
    6. Click the OK button.

    Netscape Navigator 3

    1. Click the Options menu item, then General Preferences.
    2. Click the Appearance tab.
    3. In the Startup section, click on Home Page Location.
    4. Type “” in the text box directly below.
    5. Click the OK button.

    HELP! I have Microsoft Internet Explorer!

    Did It Work?

    Click the Home button at the top of your browser window. If it takes you to, then you're ready to go!
    Hey, watch it!
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