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    WVU's PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) Weekly Schedule

    Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
    6:30am-10:15pm 9:30am-5:00pm *CLOSED*

    Bus Departure Times

    NOTE: Departure is from the Mountainlair and begins their rounds to other stops which are listed below.

    Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
    10:45pm 5:30pm 9:30am
    11:30pm 6:15pm 10:15am
    12:15am 7:00pm 11:00am
    1:00am 7:45pm 11:45am
    1:45am 8:30pm 12:30pm
    2:30am 9:15pm 1:15pm
      10:00pm 2:00pm
      10:45pm 2:45pm
      11:30pm 3:30pm
      12:15am 4:15pm
      1:00am 5:00pm
      1:45am 5:30pm
      2:30am 6:15pm

    WVU's Bus Stops (in order)

    1. Mountainlair
    2. Campus Drive & Grant Ave. (one way stop going towards Evansdale)
    3. Beechurst & 3rd Street (need to wait on the side of the street in which you are wanting to travel)
    4. Beechurst & 8th Street
    5. Coliseum
    6. Creative Arts Center
    7. Engineering
    8. Evansdale Library
    9. Evansdale Residential Complex
    10. Medical Center
    11. Knapp Hall
    12. Medical Center Drive & Elmer Prince Drive
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